Who we are

At Magnetic Trading, we believe that investing in our people and building meaningful connections as a team and with our customers lays the foundation for success. From Kuala Lumpur to Vilnius, operating across borders is in both our nature and culture. Above all, value-driven decision-making bases everything we do.

Our brand’s structure consists of seven teams, each of which has its specialty. From assets and engine parts to repair management, our experts are highly skilled and possess extensive knowledge in their field. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born out of passion, diligence, and professionalism. Of course, fun has to be part of it all, too.

  • Airina Image
    Airina Kacienaite - Krake

    Head of Magnetic Trading

  • Chirs Image
    Christian Mejia

    Business Development Director (USA)

  • Edvinas Image
    Edvinas Dubauskas

    Business Development Director (SEA)

  • Eigirdas Image
    Eigirdas Keblikas

    VP Asset Trading & Leasing

  • Martynas Image
    Martynas Balsys

    Spare Parts Sales Team Lead

  • Justinas Image
    Justinas Naidzinavicius

    Engine Spare Parts Sales Team Lead

  • Vitalija Image
    Vitalija Pachomova

    Sales Support Team Lead

Our Values

Being part of the Group is not just structural – we’re united by the same values, approach to work, and what drives us.
  • We are passionate

    Our passion enables us to attract the most talented employees from around the world and constantly deliver exceptional service with unrivaled know-how and enthusiasm. Our passion keeps us hungry for more.

  • We are agile

    Due to our flexibility and size, it gives us a significant advantage over larger traditional aviation service companies. We can be fast and reliable, while offering tailored solutions. We have the rare ability to build close relationships with our clients.

  • We are respectful

    Since respect and consideration are essential in guaranteeing the happiness of our employees, they help maintain healthy business relationships and protect our world. We believe that being open minded, observant, efficient and adaptable makes us and everything around us stronger.

  • We are professional

    We embrace innovation, new technologies and growth. This mindset of never accepting the status quo allows us to attract the best talent, build strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers and clients, and keep growing our business.